Introducing Freida Pinto

"Being myself makes me feel most comfortable"

FREIDA PINTOActor & Humanitarian. London, UK

To discover why comfort is so important to us as individuals, Clarks has teamed up with Freida Pinto to explore exactly what it means to her and just how it impacts her life.

"It is extremely important for me to stand in comfortable shoes and feel grounded."

Why did you choose to partner with Clarks?

"I think Clarks and I have a, share a common understanding of the need of comfort, because, that is again something i...n the world of fashion and style that is really not preached, or talked about, because like I said earlier as well at the beginning of my career I was asked to sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion and style, and being a fashion icon, which I think is not true at all – so I think Clarks and I have a common idea on the word comfort, and what it really means and, I find the collaboration very organic." - Freida Pinto

"I think it’s very important that a choice of footwear reflects not only your personal sense of style but also your extreme need for comfort."

Freida Pinto